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Traditional Chinese Medicine is a safe and effective way to improve your well-being by treating anything from sports injuries to emotional and mental discomfort. Our Auckland wide physio clinics offer a wide range of Chinese medicine treatments including physiotherapy acupuncture which can help with back pain, neck pain and sciatica.

All of these conditions can be extremely debilitating so don't put up with pain any longer. We have over 35 clinics operating throughout Auckland so it is easy to find a clinic close to your home or workplace, and if you have a work or sporting injury you can qualify for no additional charge for ACC physio if you are a community service card holder or student including traditional Chinese medicine treatments such as acupuncture.

Let our qualified Auckland physiotherapy team help you. Just give them a call to find out more.

What is acupuncture and what conditions can it treat?

The main traditional Chinese medicine treatments offered by us include physiotherapy acupuncture, cupping and moxibustion which we have briefly described below.

Examples of conditions that are treated with Chinese medicine acupuncture include:

Neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, TMJ disorder, smoking addiction, weight control, infertility and pregnancy, stress management, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, carpal tunnel, irritable bowel, lower back pain, menstrual problems, anxiety, urinary infections, chronic fatigue, insomnia, hip pain, sciatica, menopause, allergies, arthritis, sports injuries, sinusitis, depression, phobias.

When visiting Absolute Health for your traditional Chinese medicine treatment it is important that you update the acupuncturist on any medications or supplements that you take as well as any reactions you may experience.

To discuss whether physiotherapy acupuncture is right for you call your local Auckland clinic or make an enquiry via the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

针 灸

As per traditional acupuncture theories, there are 14 energy channels running vertically along the length of the human body called “meridians”. Each Meridian is linked to a specific organ and when the energy flow along these meridian lines is blocked, illness can occur.

Acupuncture involves inserting tiny, thin needles into specific points in the body to stimulate meridian flow and positively influence the general health of your body and mind. For Acute injuries, acupuncture can help reduce inflammation and swelling which if not treated can cause scar tissue or prevent proper joint mobility. (Each needle is encased in sterile packaging for single use).

按照 传统针灸理论,我们人体有 1 4 条能量循行的路径覆盖全身,被称之 为 “ 经络 ” 。每条 经络都与内在脏腑相关联,当这些经络内的能量循环被阻塞时,就会引发疾病。

针灸是将细小的针插入身体的特定穴位,以刺激经络内的气血流动并调整身体和心理的整体健康。对于急性损伤,针灸可以帮助减少炎症和肿胀,以减少瘢痕组织形成并避免关节僵直活动不利。 (每根 针都包装在无菌包装中,仅供单次使用 )


Cupping is a technique that places glass cups on the skin with suction which influences the flow of energy and blood in the body. Its main purpose is to treat muscle and joint pain, predominately on the back, however it can also be used to treat illnesses such as colds and lung infections.

拔罐是一种将玻璃罐放置在皮肤上的技 术,利用吸力来影响体内气血的循行。其主要目的是治疗肌肉和关节疼痛,主要用于背部,但也可用于治疗感冒和肺部感染等疾病 。


Moxibustion is another technique aimed at improving blood flow by adding energy and eliminating cold. This method stimulates specific acupuncture points of the body with heat.

艾灸是另一种改善气血运行、 补气驱寒的治疗方法。这种治疗方法是通过应用艾灸的热力和药力来刺激身体的特定穴位来实现的 。

What to expect
治 疗中将会发生的事 情

Depending on what you are getting treated, you may receive one or more of the treatment methods mentioned above. The appointment will last around an hour and you are expected to leave with a feeling of well-being stimulated by the endorphins released in response to your treatment.

It is expected that you feel no pain throughout your treatment however occasionally you may experience a brief pin prick pain as the needle is inserted or possibly a sense of heaviness or electricity.

根据您所患的疾病,您可能会得到一个或多个上述提到的治 疗方法。治疗时间大约会持续一个小时。治疗后您会觉得疼痛减少,因为您体内的内啡肽通过中医的治疗后得以释放。

您在治 疗期间不会感到太多痛感,可能会在进针的时候有短暂轻微的疼痛,也可能会有酸麻重沉或触电般的针感 。

Book in today and see how Traditional Chinese Medicine can benefit you
马上预约,中医将让您受益良 多

You can book in directly if you wish to be treated privately without a referral however if you would like your treatments to be covered by ACC you must be referred. You can do this by seeing your GP or come to see one of our physiotherapists and we can also refer you.

您可以直接 预约,如果您愿意接受自费治疗 ;但如果您希望您的治 疗被 ACC 报销,您必须持有 ACC 的治 疗许可信。您可以寻求家庭医生或本门诊物理治疗师的帮助,他们可以帮助您申请 ACC 的免 费治疗 。

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